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Important communications for the quota of revenues to the districts – COVID19

Dear Skiers, given the current circumstances it was necessary to establish extraordinary safety measures in order to coping with the health emergency in ski areas. To this end, it was decided to put in place a system of reservations and quotas to avoid the risk of crowds and queues at the entrance to the funicular systems.

A premise: each district has established what its own quota system should be, so a depending on the ski area the rules and methods may vary. The specifications will be explained in detail below safety provisions for the areas affiliated with MyPass.

General rules for booking the Skipass with MyPass Ski

In order to guarantee everyone the opportunity to secure days on skis, some rules have been set up for booking ski pass:
  1. It will be possible to book ski passes through our App only from 4 days before the desired date. For example: if yes they want to buy ski passes for 7/01, they can only be purchased from 3/01 and not before.
  2. It will be possible to book ski passes for a maximum of 6 consecutive days.
  3. There will be a 3 € deposit which will be charged directly to the credit card if the skiers do not take advantage of the booked skipasses without giving notice in advance.

Ski Area Campiglio: in addition to the MyPass Ski card, a “VIRTUAL CODE” App is required

To ski throughout the Campiglio Ski Area, the joint use of two applications is MANDATORY, in particular:
  1. MyPass Ski: through our app you can book your ski pass, ensuring your day on skis, which you will pay as always at the end of the day according to the Pay Per Use logic.
  2. Qoda: Once the ski pass has been purchased, skiers will have to download this new application to join a “Virtual queue”. The app will assign the skier his own queue number, it will indicate how many people he has “in front”to him and will give an indication of the waiting time.For more information, it is advisable to visit the official website of the district or the website of the Qoda App. We remind all our skiers that through the Qoda App it is NOT possible to buy skipass, therefore the two apps are COMPLEMENTARY and NOT substitutes. ALL skiers, even those who are not customers MyPass Ski and purchase their ski passes in any other way, they will have to use the Qoda app.

Why choose MyPass Ski to book the skipass?

The answer is very simple: Pay Per Use. Unlike the other methods of purchasing ski passes, MyPass Ski insures own skiers to pay ONLY the actual hours of skiing. So we assure you that you will not pay for the time spent in the queue virtual, which could happen if you buy a traditional day pass. We are aware that the use of two Apps is not optimal, but the decision of the district to use two different operating systems does not leave us alternatives.

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