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How MyPass Ski works?

In this section you will find everything you need to better understand how our service works.


MyPass Ski is the first revolutionary pay-per-use ski pass that allows you to ski as much and where you want, in total freedom in all affiliated ski areas. You no longer have to decide in advance how long to ski and what type of ticket to buy, as a result in the event of a program change you will not lose money for paid and unused hours of skiing.

With MyPass SKI card you skip the queue at the ticket office and pay only for the time actually skied, according to the best fares in the ski areas.

The MyPass Ski system recognizes the first and last access to the electronic gate and, based on the time interval between the two passes, you will be charged the most convenient fare applied by the area during the day you ski.

Is a day of skiing with MyPass card the same price as a day of skiing with a ticket purchased on the slopes?

The MyPass Ski service does not in any way increase the cost of the ski pass, in some areas it has stipulated agreements and discounts.
The cost of the ski pass is charged to the credit card associated with the MyPass card based on the time actually skied, based on the current rates made available to MyPass Ski by the ski resort.

To check all the prices applied with MyPass Ski and any promotions and discounts, just select the desired location from those in the list on the MyPass Ski website.

Do I always have to buy the ticket at the ticket office?

No. With your active MyPass card you can show up in front of all the turnstiles of the partner ski resorts and be the first on the slopes without having to queue at the ticket office.

Does the MyPass Ski service include the Senior, Junior and Child reduced rates and other special reductions?

The application of special rates in ski resorts based on age depends on the agreements with each individual area. To check for reduced rates with the MyPass Ski service, just access the page dedicated to each individual area on our MyPass Ski website or on the app.

To take advantage of the reduced rates, you must have provided all the necessary documentation to be able to certify the age: provide an identity document of the minor or senior, a photo, and authorize the minor data processing.

Reductions for residents, people with disabilities, law enforcement agencies, FISI members, organized groups, university students and anything else not specifically included in the rates on our site are not available.

Cost of service

The MyPass Ski service is priced at 15 € for adults and 10 € for boys/girls under 18 years old.

The Annual Fee excludes: 

  • the price for the purchase of tickets
  • the price for any additional paid services (such as insurance) that may still be present on the site/app as dedicated offers to Users.
*The promotions/conventions offered by MyPass will be posted on the website/app and may also include discount codes on the fee that MyPass will activate, which can be enjoyed by the User one time only.

Information about the MyPass service

Distinction between skiers and card

  • ACCOUNT OWNER: person (16+ years old) that owns the main account and sign up.
  • SKIER: owner of MyPass Ski card. For each card that being activated, the first name, last name and date of birth of the person who own card must be indicated. The card is nominative and non-transferable to third parties.
  • CARD: MyPass card with a 23-digit numeric code (valid for all ski areas except Paganella) or with a 14-character alphanumeric code (valid only and exclusively in the Paganella ski area).

The account owner and the skier may also not coincide.
For example: parent (account owner) and son (skier).
Up to 5 skiers can be activated on the same account.
Only one MyPass card and one MyPass Paganella card can be linked for each skier.

How many cards can a single skier have?

Each skier can have two cards as you need the specific card to ski in Andalo Paganella. If you already have a MyPass card, you can require the addictive card for Andalo Paganella at 5 € only (see Request additional card).

Example: If you already have purchased a MyPass card to ski in all of our affiliated ski areas and you want to add Paganella and/or Monte Bondone, you can apply for the additional card for only 5 €, the same applies if you have previously purchased a card for Paganella or Monte Bondone and you want to apply for the additional card for all other ski areas. The cost of the additional card is always 5 €.

MyPass Ski Pricing, How MyPass Ski works

All MyPass ski resorts

MyPass Ski Pricing, How MyPass Ski works

Andalo Paganella / Monte Bondone

Can I activate MyPass Card today and use the Service right away? Or do I have to wait a few days?

If you already have a MyPass card, you can activate it (from the website or app) and use it right away.
See also Activate my card for more informations.

Can I associate several skiers and their cards on the same credit card?

Yes, absolutely, up to a maximum of 5 Skiers and 10 cards (5 cards + 5 additional cards for Paganella ski area) *.

*Each skier can have two cards. One for skiing in Paganella and Monte Bondone, the other for all other ski areas. The additional card costs €5. When the MyPass Ski service is renewed, only one fee will be paid for both types of cards associated with the skier.

La card è "usa e getta"?

The MyPass card should be kept carefully because it is reusable and renewable from year to year.

Is MyPass Card transferable?

No, each card head to a single person and it’s nominable, so not transferable.

Do I get a notice of successful registration and payment?

Absolutely yes. After completing the registration, and after each charge, you will receive a confirmation email valid for tax and registration purposes with all the details of your skiing.