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Information about the MyPass service

Distinction between skiers and card

  • ACCOUNT HOLDER: natural person (over 16 years old), account holder. It is the person who registers the account.
  • SKIER: natural person holder of the MyPass Skicard. For each card that is activated, the name, surname and date of birth of the person who will actually use the card must be indicated. The card is nominative and not transferable to third parties.
  • CARD: MyPass card with 23-digit numeric code (MyPass card valid for all ski areas except Andalo-Paganella and Monte Bondone) or with 14-character alphanumeric code (MyPass Paganella card valid only and exclusively in the Andalo Paganella area).

The account holder and the skier don’t have to be the same: for example, parent (account holder) child (skier).
Up to 5 skiers can be activated on the same account.
Only one MyPass card and one Paganella MyPass card can be connected for each skier.

How many cards can each individual skier have?

Each individual skier can have two cards as the specific card is required to ski in Andalo Paganella. If you already have a MyPass card and want to continue using it, you can request the additional card for Andalo Paganella for only € 5 (see Request additional card).

Example: If you have previously purchased a MyPass card to ski in all our affiliated ski areas and want to add Paganella and / or Monte Bondone, you can request the additional card for only € 5, the same applies if you have previously purchased a card for Paganella or Monte Bondone and you want to request the additional card for all the other areas. The cost of the additional card is always € 5.

MyPass Sci Skipass Online

All MyPass ski resorts

Paganella Ski Card

Andalo Paganella / Monte Bondone

Can I activate a MyPass card today and use the service immediately? Or do I have to wait a few days?

If you already have a MyPass card, you can activate it (from the website or from the app) and use it immediately.
For more information see also Activate my card.

Can I associate several skiers and their cards on the same credit card?

Absolutely yes, up to a maximum of 5 skiers and 10 cards (5 cards + 5 additional cards for the Paganella area) *.

* Each individual skier can have two cards. One for skiing in Paganella and Monte Bondone, the other for all the other areas. The additional card costs 5 €. Upon renewal of the MyPass Ski service, only one fee will be paid for both types of cards associated with the individual skier.


The MyPass card must be stored with care precisely because it can be reused and is renewable from year to year.

Is MyPass card transferable?

No, each card is in the name of a single person and is nominal, therefore not transferable.

Do I receive a registration and payment notification?

Absolutely yes. After completing the registration, and after each charge, you will receive a confirmation email valid for tax and registration purposes with all the details of your skiing.

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