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Request a card

If you do not have a MyPass Ski card

If you do not have a MyPass card, from your User Area, after clicking the “Add new skier” button, choose the option “I do not have a MyPass Ski card” and follow the guided procedure to complete the request (indicate if the ski area where you will go skiing is Andalo Paganella or not, enter or confirm the data of the card holder) choose how you want to receive the card and proceed to payment.

* If both ski cards are required for the same skier in the same shopping cart to be able to ski in all areas, the second ski card costs € 3. If the purchase of the second ski card is requested in a second time, it costs € 5.

Request for card collection at the ticket office or at affiliated merchants

After making the request for the MyPass Ski card and confirming the details of the card holder, by choosing the “Collection in the ski area” option, you can collect the MyPass Ski card at any ticket office or collection point indicated on the MyPass Ski website or on app in the “Ski Resort” section.

Request to send card by post

After making the request for the MyPass Ski card and confirming the card holder details, by choosing the “Home delivery” option, you will be prompted to specify the shipping address. In this way, the card will be sent to you by priority mail to the address indicated in 4/7 working days (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and various holidays). Once obtained, the card must be activated from your User Area, by entering the code of the MyPass card, corresponding to the card to be activated. We remind you that the card is not nominative, but becomes so only at the moment of activation by inserting the code in your user profile.