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Senior, Junior and Baby reductions

The application of special rates in ski resorts based on age depends on the agreements with each individual area. To check for reduced rates with the MyPass Ski service, just access the page dedicated to each individual area on our MyPass Ski website or on the app. In order to take advantage of the discounted rates, it is necessary to upload an identity document (chosen from an Italian identity card, an Italian driving license or passport) and a photo from the app or site, in correspondence with the card entitled to the reduction, scroll and accept the minor data processing.

Please be aware of the following:

  • the health card is not considered valid for certification purposes;
  • make sure that the loaded document is legible;
  • it is not possible to use images in pdf format. Please use images in jpeg/jpg or png format;
  • it is necessary to upload the complete front and back document (then open the document and photograph the open document both front and back), for the passport it is necessary to upload the same front and back photo;
  • the photo to be uploaded must be clearly visible, face uncovered, in the foreground and must portray only the person holding the card, such as a passport photo (group photos, with pets, profile photos and photos with too much background are not valid);
  • Uploading the photo is mandatory for all minors and adults and seniors in order to take advantage of consecutive days (mainly after the 8th day or depending on the indications of the ski resort);
  • check that you have loaded the correct document on the relevant MyPass card;
  • check that you have loaded the document and the photograph in the space corresponding to the document;
  • to save the uploaded documents, it is essential to accept the “consent to data processing” (after entering the documents and the photo, scroll up and check the wording “I ACCEPT AND AGREE”);

If the documentation does not meet the requirements described above, the card will not be considered certified: in this case we will be forced, as expressly imposed by the ski area, to consider all cards as “adult cards” and therefore to charge the relative full price rate or, in the case of consecutive days, to interrupt consecutive days.