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Aprica Skipass

The Skip the Queue Skipass that you pay later!

With MyPass Ski you pay after skiing just the actual skiing time, skipping the queue at the ticket office. With only € 10 you can ski wherever and whenever you want: you will pay the best rate in the Aprica Ski area.

Get MyPass Ski now
MyPass Ski card a soli 10 euro
MyPass Ski card a soli 10 euro

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MyPass Ski app e card
How MyPass Ski Works

Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.


Pick up the card at the Aprica Ski area.


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

How MyPass Ski Works


Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.


Pick up the card at the Aprica Ski area.


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

MyPass Ski app e card

Aprica Skipass Rates

With MyPass Ski you ski from 1 to 7 consecutive days! Maximum flexibility for your days on the snow!

Get MyPass Ski now
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Skipass by the hour

2 to 4 hours

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Skipass consecutive days

From 1 to 7 days, Skipass Weekend

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Baby, Junior and Senior (it is mandatory to upload the photo to get the dedicated rates)

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Children free

A child born in 2014 and subsequent years, accompanied by a parent who purchases a card for him/herself from 3 to 7 consecutive days at the full price of the list, receives a free card of the same name as the parent. Offer valid throughout the winter season on presentation of suitable identity documents.

Aprica MyPass prices 2021-2022

Low season: 3 to 8 December (including Sundays) | 9 to 23 December (excluding Sundays) | 10 January to 18 February
High season: 4/5/6/7/8 December | from 24 December to 09 January | from 19 February to 13 March | every Sunday
Pre-season: From Monday to Friday, daily ski pass for 30 euros. Valid from the beginning of the season until 23 December (except 4/5/6/7/8 December)

Senior: born in 1956 and earlier
Junior: born in 2005 and later
Baby: born in 2014 and later
*Only on presentation of a valid identification document (e.g. identity card, passport) of the CHILD, JUNIOR or SENIOR.

FAMILY PLAN: The same family that purchases at least two adult ski passes at the full price of the price list can benefit from a 50% discount on ski passes of the same duration and period for their children in the Junior category. Offer valid on presentation of suitable identity documents for ski passes of 3 or more consecutive days, excluding the Christmas period from 24/12/2021 to 09/01/2022.

SKIPASS PER HOUR: Activated from the first pass.

Fares are in euro

1 giorno/day43,00€39,00€34,00€25,00€
2 giorni/days80,00€72,00€63,00€47,00€
3 giorni/days113,00€101,00€89,00€68,00€
4 giorni/days145,00€128,00€114,00€88,00€
5 giorni/days173,00€153,00€136,00€107,00€
6 giorni/days199,00€176,00€157,00€125,00€
7 giorni/days222,00€197,00€177,00€138,00€
1 giorno/day38,00€34,00€29,00€22,00€
2 giorni/days70,00€61,00€53,00€38,00€
3 giorni/days99,00€86,00€75,00€55,00€
4 giorni/days124,00€109,00€95,00€71,00€
5 giorni/days148,00€129,00€113,00€85,00€
6 giorni/days168,00€149,00€129,00€98,00€
7 giorni/days185,00€165,00€144,00€110,00€
2 ore/hours29,00€
3 ore/hours33,00€
4 ore/hours37,00€

Only night
Adult: 19€
Junior: 14€
Senior: 16€
Baby: 11€

Night supplement
(when combined with a 1 or more days pass)
Adult: 14€
Junior: 12€
Senior: 13€
Baby: 10€

Piano famiglia
50% discount on Junior and Baby if a family buy 2 night pass for adult or senior.

Rates valid for night skiing at Baradello.


  • The interruption of skiing for an entire day determines the finalization of any multi-day ticket used and the consequent interruption of the continuity of consecutive days. In case you continue to ski in the days following the interruption, you will start from the first day, where convenient with respect to hourly rates.
  • Sundays are always in High Season
  • Hourly, daily and multi-day ski passes valid on the Aprica lifts.
    Only the holders of special MYPASS cards JUNIOR (born from 01/01/2005), BIMBO (born from 2014) and SENIOR (born until 31/12/1956) will benefit from discounted rates reserved for them.
  • It is necessary to upload a photo and document the date of birth with a copy of the identity document of the card holder and the form for consent to data processing.
  • FREE CHILDREN: Children accompanied by a paying parent (who pay for a 3-day consecutive ski pass with the
    same day of the beginning of validity of the child’s ski pass), from the third consecutive day onwards, ski for free. The amount of the first two days of the child will be deducted from the charge of the third day of the adult.
  • In order to take advantage of the “Baby Free” rate it is essential that the adult skis for more than 4 hours for at least the first 3 consecutive days. It is also essential that both the adult and the child ski on the same days.
  • The “1 day” rate is automatically applied if more than 4 hours have elapsed between the first and the last passage at the lift turnstile.
    After the first day used, for consecutive days the difference will be applied to reach the corresponding multi-day rate or, if you ski less than 4 hours, the corresponding hourly rate will be applied, in case the latter is more convenient than the difference of the multi-day rate (e.g. every day the best available rate among those that MYPASS has in agreement is applied. So if you ski 4 hours you will be charged the 4 hours rate, if you ski 6 hours you will be charged the daily rate. In this second case, if you decide to ski the next day for a full day, and in the ski area is present in the rate “2 days” MYPASS, rather than charging the rate of the second full day, will be charged only the difference it takes to get to the rate of 2 days).
  • Hourly passes are generated according to the time skied in the day (last access – first access to the lifts), you CANNOT add up more than one hourly pass in the same day, in which case a daily pass is calculated.

How to receive your card?

You can pick it up at the cash desks in the area or at the Snow Service at the following address:

Snow Service

Snow Service
Via Adamello, 51
23031 Aprica (SO)

(every day from 8 am to 6:30 pm)

Please note – Cards are not linked to skier until they are activated by associating them with your profile.

MyPass Ski card


Aprica - The ski resort

Between Valtellina and Valle Camonica, the ski resort of Aprica has 20 slopes and about 50 km of tracks. Aprica is divided into four areas, all connected by skis: Palabione, Magnolta, Baradello and Campetti. These four ski areas have slopes of all levels, both for novice and expert skiers, just think of the blue Superpanoramica slope, a 6 km track that goes from the peaks to the town, or the most technical slope in the area. : the black Magnolta Inferiore or also called “Pistone”. We cannot forget the most evocative and at the same time more challenging slope: the Benedetti slope.

This route starts from the summit at 2300 meters through woods and breathtaking views. The Valscesa Ovest track and the Direttissima track, which reach the heart of the town of Aprica, are of the same style. In fact, descending on these panoramic slopes from the summit you get to the inhabited center, being able to guarantee an all-round tourist destination for skiers, with the possibility of returning to the hotel with skis on. Worthy of note are the nursery slopes, ideal for learning to ski, in the Campetti area, an ideal place for family tourism. Given the proximity to many towns, Aprica is also ideal for a simple ski weekend, made even more interesting with the MyPass system.

You will no longer have to think about going to the ticket office to buy the Skipass, but you can immediately go to the slopes, enjoy the snow. At the end of the day, the system will charge your credit card for the best rate based on its use. If you need to rent skis, boots and helmets, the Aprica Snow Service applies a 10% discount to MyPass customers!

Exclusively for MyPass customers

Skiing in Aprica with us pays off!


discount on rental, deposit and repair at the Aprica Snow Service.

Snow Service noleggio

Helvetia Easy MyPass Insurance

Be safe in one click! For Italian “codice fiscale” holders immediate activation of Helvetia Easy MyPass Insurance from the MyPass App.

Helvetia - La tua assicurazione svizzera

1000 km of slopes with MyPass Ski

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