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Livigno Skipass

MyPass Ski: the Skipass that you don't have to pay in advance.

Skip the queue at the cash desks and pay only for time skied: with MyPass Ski you can ski freely at the best price applied by the Livigno ski area.

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MyPass Ski card a soli 10 euro
MyPass Ski card a soli 10 euro


MyPass Ski app e card
How MyPass Ski Works

Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.


Pick up the card at the Livigno Ski area


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

How MyPass Ski Works


Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.


Pick up the card at the Livigno Ski area


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

MyPass Ski app e card

Livigno Ski Area Skipass Rates

With MyPass Ski you can ski for up to 14 consecutive days, or just in the morning or afternoon. MyPass gives you maximum flexibility to use the slopes as you see fit.

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Early and afternoon skipass

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Children ski for free

For those born in 2014 and later, from a minimum of 3 days, a free ski pass upon purchase by the accompanying person of a ski pass of the same validity at the adult price. If unaccompanied, the JUNIOR rate applies.

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Baby, Junior (it is mandatory to upload the photo from the App or website to get the dedicated rates)

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How much can you ski with MyPass?

From 1 to 14 days

Ski pass prices Livigno MyPass 2021-2022

Promotional: 27/11/2021 – 17/12/2021 | 16/04/2022 – 01/05/2022
Season: 18/12/2021 – 24/12/2021 | 08/01/2022 – 21/01/2022 | 09/04/2022 – 15/04/2022
Medium season: 22/01/2022 – 28/01/2022 | 19/03/2022 – 08/04/2022
High season: 25/12/2021 – 07/01/2022 | 29/01/2022 – 18/03/2022
Special Saturday: 18 December ’21 and every Saturday from 8 January to 9 April ’22

JUNIOR born in 2006 and later*.
SENIOR born in 1957 and earlier*.
BABY born in 2014 and later*.
*Only on presentation of a valid identity document (e.g. identity card, passport) of the CHILD, JUNIOR or SENIOR.

Morning ski pass until 1 p.m.
Afternoon skipass from 12.30 p.m.

1 giorno/day45,00€44,00€22.50€
2 giorni/days87,00€81,00€43.50€
3 giorni/days126,00€117,00€63,00€
4 giorni/days166,00€143,00€83,00€
5 giorni/days204,00€160,00€102,00€
6 giorni/days212,00€168,00€106,00€
7 giorni/days237,00€186,00€118.50€
8 giorni/days255,00€198,00€127.50€
9 giorni/days274,00€214,00€137,00€
10 giorni/days288,00€226,00€144,00€
11 giorni/days306,00€239,00€153,00€
12 giorni/days321,00€249,00€160.50€
13 giorni/days338,00€262,00€169,00€
14 giorni/days353,00€276,00€176.50€
1 giorno/day52,00€47,00€26,00€
2 giorni/days101,00€87,00€50.50€
3 giorni/days150,00€126,00€75,00€
4 giorni/days197,00€159,00€98.50€
5 giorni/days245,00€188,00€122.50€
6 giorni/days259,00€197,00€129.50€
7 giorni/days287,00€223,00€143.50€
8 giorni/days307,00€238,00€153.50€
9 giorni/days324,00€253,00€162,00€
10 giorni/days344,00€268,00€172,00€
11 giorni/days361,00€285,00€180.50€
12 giorni/days379,00€298,00€189.50€
13 giorni/days399,00€316,00€199.50€
14 giorni/days417,00€329,00€208.50€
Matt/pom *
1 giorno/day49,00€45,00€24.50€
2 giorni/days94,00€85,00€47,00€
3 giorni/days139,00€121,00€69.50€
4 giorni/days182,00€149,00€91,00€
5 giorni/days224,00€172,00€112,00€
6 giorni/days234,00€184,00€117,00€
7 giorni/days262,00€204,00€131,00€
8 giorni/days281,00€219,00€140.50€
9 giorni/days301,00€230,00€150.50€
10 giorni/days316,00€247,00€158,00€
11 giorni/days332,00€261,00€166,00€
12 giorni/days351,00€273,00€175.50€
13 giorni/days369,00€289,00€184.50€
14 giorni/days384,00€301,00€192,00€
matt/pom *---
1 giorno/day28,00€28,00€14,00€
2 giorni/days56,00€56,00€28,00€
3 giorni/days83,00€83,00€41.50€
4 giorni/days111,00€111,00€55.50€
5 giorni/days139,00€119,00€69.50€
6 giorni/days163,00€125,00€81.50€
7 giorni/days177,00€139,00€88.50€
8 giorni/days192,00€148,00€96,00€
9 giorni/days204,00€159,00€102,00€
10 giorni/days217,00€170,00€108.50€
11 giorni/days228,00€178,00€114,00€
12 giorni/days244,00€190,00€122,00€
13 giorni/days254,00€199,00€127,00€
14 giorni/days262,00€209,00€131,00€
SABATO SPECIALEAdulto/AdultSeniorJunior
1 giorno/day41,00€38,00€20,50€


  • If skiing is interrupted for an entire day, any multi-day ticket used will be cancelled and the continuity of consecutive days will be interrupted. If you continue skiing on the days following the interruption, you will start from the first day, where convenient with respect to hourly rates.
  • Skipass mattiniero/pomeridiano  e giornaliero validi sugli impianti di risalita di Livigno.
  • Only the holders of special MYPASS cards JUNIOR (born between 2006 and 2013), BIMBO (born in 2014 and following years) and SENIOR (born in 1957 and previous years) benefit from discounted rates reserved to them.
  • It is necessary to upload a photo and document the date of birth with a double-sided copy of the card holder’s identity document and the data protection consent form.
  • FREE CHILDREN: Children accompanied by a paying parent (who pay for a 3-day consecutive ski pass with the same day as the start of validity of the child’s ski pass) ski for free from the third consecutive day onwards. The amount for the child’s first two days will be deducted from the adult’s third-day charge.
  • To qualify for the ‘Baby Free’ rate, the adult must ski for at least 3 consecutive days on the same days as the child.
  • The “1 day” rate is automatically applied if more than 4 hours have elapsed between the first and last lift turnstiles.
    After the first day used, the difference will be applied for consecutive days to reach the corresponding multi-day rate or, if skiing for less than 4 hours, the corresponding hourly rate will be applied, if the latter is cheaper than the difference of the multi-day rate. (e.g. the best available MYPASS rate is applied each day. So if you ski 4 hours you will be charged the 4 hour rate, if you ski 6 hours you will be charged the daily rate. In the latter case, if you decide to ski a full day the next day and MYPASS has a “2 day” rate, rather than charging the second full day rate, you will only be charged the difference to the 2 day rate).
  • Hourly tickets are generated according to the time skied in the day (last access – first access to the lifts), you CANNOT add more than one hourly ski pass in the same day, in which case a daily ski pass is calculated.

To receive your Card ...

You can pick it up for free at the following address:

Ski rental Dr. Rent

Via Bondi, 473
23030 Livigno SO

It is located at the start of the Mottolino chairlift (a flight of stairs separates the rental from the start of the Mottolino cable car).

Skipass Livigno Office

Please note – Cards are not linked to skier until they are activated by associating them with your profile.

MyPass Ski card


Livigno - The ski resort

The novelty of MyPass Ski for 2019 is the Livigno area, in the upper Valtellina. Surely one of the most popular destinations for skiers, from this year it has activated the MyPass service, to skip the queue at the ticket office, have fun on its slopes, without having to pre-purchase a ski pass or insurance.
Livigno, with the ski resorts Mottolino and Carosello 3000, is certainly the area suitable for everyone. Thanks to its blue, red and black slopes on the two slopes of the valley, in Livigno you can ski until late spring, thanks to its perfect natural exposure.

Along 115 kilometers of tracks, the slopes wind in wide descents, with continuous changes in slope, but also walls ideal for those who love to travel on skis. Let’s not forget the best Snowpark in Europe in Mottolino. At Carosello 3000, there is The Beach”, the snow park with a tropical setting. Also in Carosello, do not miss the Blesaccia-Zuelli slope, from the top to the valley directly and without variations, with over 1000 meters of elevation gain all in one breath and an epic final wall. Livigno, known as “The Little Tibet” due to its particularly cold climate during the winter, is also important for shopping. In fact, Livigno is a free port, an ideal destination to fully enjoy the ski area.

Also ideal for its proximity to the districts of Bormio, Cima Piazzi / San Colombano and Santa Caterina Valfurva, all served by the MyPass Ski system.

Exclusively for MyPass customers

Skiing in Livigno with us is worthwhile!


discount on rental at the Dr. Rent Ski Rent shop.


If you have an italian “codice fiscale” you can sign up for ski insurance from the MyPass App.

Helvetia - La tua assicurazione svizzera

With a single Card, you are guaranteed to pay only for what you actually ski, skipping the queues and being able to choose from over a thousand kilometers of slopes throughout the Italian Alps. See the list of affiliated ski areas.

Hit the slopes with MyPass Ski

In 5 minutes you can register for MyPass Ski, from the app or the website. Pick up your card directly in the ski area.

or request it via app.

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