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San Colombano Skipass

The ski pass you pay later.

With MyPass Ski you skip the queue at the cash desks. For only 10 € you can ski wherever and whenever you want. You will be charged the cheapest rate applied by the San Colombano area (Oga-Isolaccia).

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MyPass Ski card a soli 10 euro
MyPass Ski card a soli 10 euro

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How MyPass Ski works

Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.


Pick up your card at the ski resort


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

How MyPass Ski works


Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.


Pick up your card directly at the resort.


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

MyPass Ski app e card

San Colombano ski pass and rates

Maximum flexibility for your days in the snow!

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Skipass by the hour

4 ore

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Senior, Junior and Baby (it is mandatory to upload the photo to have the dedicated rates)

Ski pass prices San Colombano MyPass 2021-2022

PROMOTIONAL: early season to 24/12/2021 | 02/04/2022 – end of season
LOW SEASON: 08/01/2022 – 28/01/2022 | 12/03/2022 – 01/04/2022
HIGH SEASON: 25/12/2021 – 07/01/2022 | 29/01/2022 – 11/03/2022

Baby: born in 2013 and following years
Junior: children born between 2005 and 2012
Senior: born in 1956 and earlier

1 giorno/day29,00€24,00€27,00€16,00€
4 ore/hours24,00€18,00€22,00€16,00€
1 giorno/day37,00€31,00€35,00€20,00€
4 ore/hours32,00€23,00€31,00€20,00€
1 giorno/day42,00€33,00€40,00€22,00€
4 ore/hours32,00€23,00€31,00€22,00€


  • If skiing is interrupted for an entire day, any multi-day ticket used will be cancelled and the continuity of consecutive days will be interrupted. If you continue skiing on the days following the interruption, you will start from the first day, where convenient with respect to hourly rates.
  • 4 Hour and Daily Skipass valid on the lifts in Bormio, from 2 Days Bormio Skipass valid on the lifts in the areas of Bormio, Santa Caterina and San Colombano.
  • Only the holders of special MYPASS cards JUNIOR (born from 2005 to 2012), BIMBO (born in 2013 and later) and SENIOR (born in 1956 and earlier) benefit from discounted rates reserved to them.
    It is necessary to upload a photo and document the date of birth with a double-sided copy of the card holder’s identity document and the data protection consent form.
  • The “1 day” fare is automatically applied if more than 4 hours have elapsed between the first and last pass at the lift turnstile.
  • Hourly tickets are generated according to the time skied on the day (last access – first access to the lift), it is NOT possible to add up several hourly ski passes on the same day, in which case a daily ski pass is calculated.

How to receive your card?

You can pick it up for free at counter number 6 of the Bormio Skipass cash desk, with an exclusive line, at the following address:

MyPass S.R.L.

Please note – Cards are not linked to skier until they are activated by associating them with your profile.

MyPass Ski card

San Colombano

San Colombano - The ski resort

San Colombano is synonymous with Cima Piazzi. This ski resort in the municipality of Valdidietro, in the province of Sondrio, between Bormio and Livigno, in Alta Valtellina. The area is medium in size and extends between the inhabited centers of Oga and Isolaccia, at the foot of Cima Piazzi, renowned throughout Italy because the famous Levissima water flows from its summit.

The San Colombano – Cima Piazzi ski area is suitable for intermediate skiers, given almost all the red slopes and offers the opportunity to ski in a unique and enchanting environment, far from the confusion of the noble Bormio. With its 25 km of tracks and 12 ski lifts, San Colombano extends from an altitude of 2546 to 1342 m, for a vertical drop of 1204 meters, giving unique emotions on skis. In fact, the red Doss Alt slope, located on the Isolaccia side, is worthy of note. This track is the longest and most demanding of the area, a return track that from 2000m allows you to directly reach the parking lot in front of the Isolaccia – Pian Della Mota cable car.

A wide track that allows you to “run” your skis and rest your legs, arriving at the final wall, after having crossed the woods and admired the beauty of the mountain. Also important is the Cima Piazzi Happy Mountain School Field, always located at the finish line on the Isolaccia side. This course offers 10 km of beautiful and easy slopes for children, great for families. For parents or grandparents who do not ski, but want to enjoy their holiday in the snow with the little ones, there is a snow playground and a sled mat.

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