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Terms and Conditions

Brief description of services offered

MYPASS SKI is a service that allows you to access the ski lifts in participating ski resorts without having to go to the ticket office.
MYPASS SKI allows you to ski freely, without having cash in your pocket or having to decide in advance which ticket to buy.
MYPASS SKI technology, based on the time actually spent on the slopes, automatically detects the most convenient rate among those agreed with the ski resort (see details of rates on the dedicated pages on the website), and charges the corresponding amount directly to your credit card, without any surcharge (smart billing).
If you ski for several consecutive days, each day you will be charged the difference in price to reach the corresponding multi-day rate.
The website and app offer the “MYPASS Card”, which allows the use of services based on Freedom to Access (FTA) technology, and aimed at making it easier for registered users to access the electronic gates of the affiliated structures, located in the ski resorts listed on the website.
The site and the app also offer complementary and instrumental services for free time (other useful information on the ski areas).

Adherence to the Terms of Use

By registering to the website and the app you accept and agree to abide by these Terms of Use, which can be consulted at any time on the website.
By using the MYPASS card at one of the facilities of the affiliated ski resorts, the user accepts the general terms and conditions of use of the service, including its integrated system of facilities and slopes, displayed at the relevant ticket offices and published on the website, which the user undertakes to know before using the MYPASS card at the chosen ski resort.

Services offered

The website and the app offer different stages of usability, depending on the user’s needs, namely

  1. Registration (free of charge): simple access to the website or app, or to each commercial website belonging to the MYPASS SKI circuit (ski resorts, huts). Registration and use of the services contained therein is free of charge.
    This functionality is dedicated to the User who wishes to access the website and the app, with the sole purpose of using the complementary services.
    It is necessary to carry out the Registration procedure, adhering to the Privacy conditions and providing the website with the User’s identity and a contact e-mail address indicated by the User, as well as any further data that may be requested within the procedure itself.
  2. MYPASS Card purchase and use of (paid) services: request and activation of the “MYPASS Card”. This function is dedicated to the User who wishes to request one or more “MYPASS Cards” on the website or in the app. The service is active
    only for affiliated structures, which are indicated on the website or app.
    Once the request has been made on the website or app for one or more “MYPASS Cards”, they will be sent to the User by ordinary mail, to the address he/she provided on registration, or collected at the cash desks of the participating establishments.
    MYPASS Cards can also be collected at the points of sale of certain operators, which have an agreement with MYPASS.
    In order to access the services, the User must register on the website or app by providing all the requested data, including the data of the credit or prepaid card which the User intends to use for the payment of the services used; the data of the credit or prepaid card are transmitted by MYPASS directly to its banking partner, which is responsible for their management.
    MYPASS does not retain the credit card or prepaid card details provided by the User.
    As regards MYPASS’s processing of the data transmitted by the User, please refer to the following paragraph “Partial loss of validity” of these Terms of Use.
    For the amount MYPASS charges to its Users, please refer to the paragraph “Annual Fee” in these Terms of Use, and to the Fees for each ski resort, as reported on the website and app.
    The following paragraph “Minors and Senior Users: conditions and data processing” contains the conditions for the use of reduced rates, if available in the selected ski area, by minors and Senior Users.
    The presence of the User, who must present him/herself at the gates with the MYPASS Card, is detected by the electronic devices present at the access gates, using RFID technology, and the User is granted access. The price of the admission ticket corresponds to the price expressly indicated on the MYPASS website.
    In the event of any discrepancy between the tariffs indicated on the MYPASS website and the tariffs reported by the companies where access takes place, the MYPASS website shall always prevail.
    The purchase of a ski pass through the MYPASS service does not include any compulsory insurance coverage in favour of the User or his/her assignees; however, the User is entitled to take advantage of the policies provided by MYPASS through its Partner Company HELVETIA Italia Assicurazioni SpA (hereinafter: HELVETIA), through a specific agreement.
    The paragraph “HELVETIA insurance policy” contains the general conditions of adhesion to this voluntary insurance cover.

Minors and Senior Users: conditions and data processing.

In order to allow the use of reduced rates for certain categories of skiers (minors and Senior Users), it is necessary that the latter (in the case of minors: a parent or a guardian) send MYPASS identification documents and photographs in order to certify their age and guarantee the non-transferability of the access cards to the ski area concerned.
The detailed list of such documents can be consulted on this website, or on the MyPass Ski app, with reference to the specific ski area affiliated with MYPASS.
Reduced fares, if available, can be applied only if MYPASS is provided with all the documents and information expressly requested by the concerned ski resort and listed on the website.
MYPASS will also request photos for non-senior adults if the ski resort allows multi-day passes, e.g. from day 9 onwards.
MYPASS stores and transmits to the Partner Companies, which manage the ski lifts, the identification information of minors and Senior Users, exclusively for the purpose of allowing the provision of the Service with the reduced rates, and in accordance with the provisions of its “Privacy Information”, also available on the website.
MYPASS shall not be liable for any improper and/or fraudulent use of the above mentioned data by third parties, both in the year of the first registration and in the following years, during which the above mentioned registration will be in force.

Procedure for uploading identity documents and photos to the site and app.

Card Baby/Junior/Senior: you must upload documents and photos as indicated:

  • click on the “Card” icon;
  • The pop-up “The photo you are about to enter will be validated and transmitted to the ski resorts, to guarantee the non-transferability of the card” will appear;
  • click on “Proceed” (alternative: “Cancel”);
  • for minors only: provide consent to the processing of the data of minors by their parent or guardian, which will be requested by the site when uploading documents and photos referring to this category of Users.

Adult Card: it is not necessary to upload documents and photos, unless expressly requested by the User’s area of interest.
In this case, proceed as follows

  • click on the “Card” icon;
  • the pop-up “The photo you are about to enter will be validated and transmitted to the ski resorts, to guarantee the non-transferability of the card” will appear;
  • click on “Proceed” (alternative: “Cancel”).

HELVETIA insurance policy.


MYPASS Company has subscribed a collective insurance policy with HELVETIA in order to provide MYPASS SKI Users with an insurance coverage during their skiing activity in MYPASS affiliated resorts.
User’s adhesion to the insurance policy is completely optional and never automatically included in the subscription to MYPASS services.
Users can take advantage of the insurance coverage through the adhesion procedure carried out through the app; furthermore, each single User can activate the insurance coverage for more than one skier, provided that these are included in his/her household and present in his/her account.
The duration of the insurance membership follows the duration of the policy subscribed to by MYPASS. The actual expiry date is specified in the contractual documentation.
The insurance cover is activated from the moment of passing through the gates of the facility and ends at the daily closure of the facility, not later than 24.00 hours.
It is always possible to deactivate the cover, and therefore withdraw from the previous membership, by selecting the appropriate item in the user area.
The maximum age limit for insurance cover is 80.
There is also a progressive discount policy, which applies automatically from the third consecutive day onwards. The methods of payment of the amount are the same as those used to purchase the ski pass.

Procedure for activating the HELVETIA insurance policy via the MYPASS SKI App.

Joining the insurance policy

The User, later renamed as Contracting Party due to the relationship that is about to be established with HELVETIA, will have to proceed as described:

  1. Click on the “Insure with HELVETIA” button on the App;
  2. declare that they are resident in Italy (flag);
  3. declare (flag) that they have read Helvetia’s Privacy Policy, the Information Set and attachments 3 and 4;
  4. answer the questions in the Consistency Questionnaire. If you refuse to answer, or if you do not prove to be eligible or assessable, you will be informed of this fact, but this assessment will not affect the membership process, which is not precluded;
  5. enter the requested data;
  6. agree (flag) to MyPass automatically charging the cost of the insurance cover;
  7. select any other skiers (maximum 5) in your household who will benefit from the insurance cover in question;

Note: the above procedure must be applied each time you join the group policy. Note: The above procedure must be applied each time you join the group policy.

Once the above steps have been completed, the membership process is complete and the member will receive the following documents at their email address:

  1. The application form for the “HELVETIA “EASY SKI MYPASS” policy, pre-filled;
  2. The information set containing the pre-contractual documentation: DIP, Additional DIP and Insurance Conditions;
  3. The document Annex 3.
  4. The information document Annex 4, which provides the Contracting Party with general information on the insurance intermediary (MYPASS).

On the App, in the User area, the “Helvetia Insurance” flag will appear.
When the insurance cover is activated, the button is green: this means that the cover will be activated automatically every time the member passes the first gate of the ski lifts; the User can decide independently when to deactivate or activate the cover, simply disable or enable the option using the appropriate button (flag).
Please note that cover can only be taken out before crossing the first lift gate.

Activation of insurance cover

The policy will be activated the first time you cross the gates of the ski resort. Within 30 minutes from the first access, the subscriber will receive a confirmation of the activation by an SMS from HELVETIA and an e-mail from MYPASS confirming the payment.
In case the Member does not receive any SMS from HELVETIA, he/she has to contact MYPASS support. The support staff will be able to check the actual activation of the coverage through a consultable dashboard, provided by HELVETIA to MYPASS.

The cover will be valid until midnight on the day of activation, and will therefore also cover any night skiing activities.

Important: the activation of the insurance will not be allowed if the skier has already passed through one of the gates of the ski resort, and is therefore able to ski.

HELVETIA indemnifies MYPASS from any responsibility for failure to activate the insurance due to technical causes not attributable to MYPASS’s operational area, such as problems associated with the ski area’s Internet connectivity, malfunctioning of the electronic access systems at the gates of the lift companies, or other.


Daily payment failed
If the insurance cover is not successfully debited, the insurance cover will still be active, even if the payment has not been validated by the system.
In the evening the system will retry to debit the cover, together with the amount of the ski-lift use, and if the operation is still not successful, the User will be informed that he/she will no longer be able to use both services (i.e. access to the ski-lifts and insurance) until the position is regularised.

Skiing with another member’s card
If a member mistakenly uses a ski card that is not in their name, e.g. in the name of their wife or child, Helvetia’s cover will not be provided for them but for the actual card holder.

Skiing without a MyPass card
If a member with an active MyPass service and active insurance skis without a MyPass card, because the cards have been blocked due to previous non-payment or forgotten payments or because of technical problems, the member will not be covered.

Summary of emails sent to users with the insurance policy applied for as the subject matter

Upon activation of the policy, and during the normal operation of the policy, the User will receive information emails on his account, which will aim to update him on the status of the policy that concerns him:

  • Insurance policy activation
    Contains all the data necessary for the User to verify the correctness of what is stated in the policy and brief instructions for use
  • Unsuccessful insurance payment
    Case which occurs when the User, or the skier associated with the profile, makes the 1st access to the lift gate, and the payment is not validated (in this case cover is active for the whole day, but the payment must be regularised before the start of another ski day, otherwise cover will not be available).
  • Ski day insurance
    In the event that the User, or the skier associated with the profile, makes the 1st access to the lift gate, the payment is validated and the corresponding ski day is covered by the requested insurance cover.

Services or benefits provided by MYPASS partners.

Exclusion of liability of MYPASS in the use of the purchased services.

MYPASS is solely responsible for the correct functioning of the access gates to the facilities for which the MYPASS Card has been purchased, only the facility management companies (in which the access gates are located), which provide this service and related services in their own name and on their own behalf, and according to their own general terms and conditions for the use of this service by the public.
MYPASS is not liable for these services, and its role is exclusively limited to the correct use of the chosen services by the User.
As a consequence, MYPASS will not be liable for any inefficiency, inconvenience, or damage that you may incur while using the products purchased from the website or from the app; in such cases MYPASS will try to do its best to assist you by contacting its Customer Service via email at the following address:
[email protected]

or by phone: 011 19116039.

Annual fee

The annual fee for MYPASS SKI is €. 10,00 (VAT included), except for possible promotions that will be announced on the website and app.
The payment of the annual fee, which is a necessary condition for the activation of the services, allows the User to use these services for 1 calendar year, starting from the activation, unless different promotions announced on the website or app. The promotions or conventions proposed by MYPASS will be published on the website, and may also include discount codes on the fee that MYPASS will activate, and that can be used by the User only once. In any case, the Annual Fee is non-refundable and is due irrespective of the actual use of the services to which it gives access.
The Annual Fee does not include

  1. the price for the purchase of tickets,
  2. the price of shipping,
  3. the price for any other paid services that may be present on the website as offers dedicated to Users.

The MYPASS Card is granted on a free loan basis, with the only obligation to return it at the end of the relationship, or in case of withdrawal. MYPASS reserves the right to ask the User for a refund of 5 Euro if it is necessary to issue further MYPASS Cards due to reasons attributable to the User, such as loss or damage.
MYPASS may send 2 cards, depending on the User’s choice to use more than one area, if these areas have different access technologies: this will entail an additional payment of €5 for the 2nd card.
Defective cards will be replaced free of charge by MYPASS.

Payments and suspension of service

Any amount due to MYPASS, either for the annual fee or for the services that the User intends to use, shall be paid through the credit or prepaid card registered by the User. A confirmation of the charge and the relevant tax documentation will be sent to the User at his registered e-mail address.
The amounts debited from the registered credit card will be collected by MYPASS and paid by MYPASS to the rightful claimants (ski lift companies or huts in the agreed ski areas), according to the terms and conditions agreed with such companies.
Please note that MYPASS charges its Users only the amounts corresponding to the rates, for each ski resort, indicated on the website.
At the time of registration, MYPASS system sets the automatic renewal on the expiry date of the requested services; the User may deactivate the automatic renewal at any time, directly from his/her User profile page.
If the automatic renewal is active, the service will be automatically renewed and the annual fee will be charged.
If the automatic renewal is deactivated by the User, the latter will receive successive notices of imminent expiry respectively 1 month, 7 days and 1 day before the expiry date: if the service is not manually renewed before the expiry date, it will be suspended until the payment of the annual fee due by the User.
In any event, if the charge is not successful, the relevant service or purchase will be suspended until the User has paid the full amount due.
Any notices in this regard will be sent to the registered e-mail address.

The service will also be suspended after notification to the registered email address:

  1. if the validity of the credit card registered by the User expires,
  2. in the event of non-payment or renewal of the Annual Fee,
  3. in the event that the credit card registered by the User is cancelled or denied authorisation to debit the User’s credit card by the Issuing Institution,
  4. in case of violation of the prohibitions provided for in the following paragraph “Exclusion of refunds. Non-transferability of the MYPASS Card and purchased tickets to third parties”,
  5. in the event of unsuccessful payments to providers or insurance companies.


Failed daily payment
In the event of a failed ski day payment, the system will retry the ski day payment. If this condition persists, any ski days not paid for within 15 days of the date of access can no longer be considered as consecutive unpaid ski days, interrupting any multi-day ski days and resulting in higher charges.

From the third unpaid ski day in the same season, a service reactivation fee of € 5 will be charged.
MYPASS reserves the right to permanently terminate the relationship with the User in the event of serious or repeated breach of contract or inconvenience to the User due to non-payment.

Termination of Relationship

MYPASS may terminate your relationship with the Service if you are found to be in breach of these Terms of Use.
You may terminate your membership at any time by sending an email to the following address:
[email protected]
The cancellation from the service can also be done by App.

Termination of Service. Cancellation of the User.

Pursuant to the Legislative Decree 206/05, the User may exercise the right of termination provided for by art. 64 of the above mentioned decree, without any penalty, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of activation of the Service itself, by notifying MYPASS at the above mentioned address.
In case of termination of the Service, or cancellation of the User:

  1. the Annual Fee eventually paid will not be refunded,
  2. the termination or cancellation will not result in the extinction of any payments still due for activities carried out in the meantime;
  3. the relevant charges will be made to the registered credit card before the final termination of the relationship between MYPASS and the User.

The User is entitled to withdraw from the MYPASS Card loan agreement by sending an e-mail to the same address above.
You may terminate the loan agreement at any time.
You are entitled to disable the MYPASS service at any time by sending an email from your registered email address to the address above:
[email protected]

or by using the features available on the website or app.
The service will be disabled within 48 hours from the request.

Exclusion of refunds. MYPASS Card and purchased tickets cannot be transferred to third parties.

Refunds are not possible, except for the right of withdrawal exercisable in accordance with the law.
Refunds are also excluded in the event of accidental use of the MYPASS Card (e.g. if the User accidentally approaches the electronic devices at the access points, even though he/she has no intention of using or purchasing a day ticket or other service included in the MYPASS Card).
In any case of approach to the electronic devices at the base of the automatic gates:

  1. recognition will be immediate and unavoidable,
  2. the User will be enabled to transit,
  3. the amount for the foreseen ticket, or other service incorporated in the MYPASS Card, will be charged to the credit card or prepaid card registered by the User,
  4. It will not be possible to obtain a refund for the service, even if not used.
    MYPASS Cards are the property of MYPASS and cannot be cloned, altered or manipulated; furthermore they cannot be transferred by the User to third parties. The User is the only person entitled to use them for access to the contracted gates.

MYPASS or ski resort staff, or other personnel authorised by MyPass, reserve the right to check this and to suspend and/or disable your access to the site or the service in case of violation.

Site Maintenance and Malfunctions.

MYPASS reserves the right to modify, limit or exclude the accessibility and functionality of the website at any time due to maintenance work, implementation of new features, upgrades, and similar events or requirements. Lost or compromised data will be requested from you again when you log in again.

Intellectual Property

MYPASS and its assignees own all copyrights and other rights in the services offered as well as in the content of the website (such as, but not limited to: information, images, videos, slogans, promotion and communication materials). It is therefore expressly forbidden to modify, publish, reproduce or transfer the content to third parties for any reason whatsoever, or to use it in any way other than for the simple enjoyment of the end user. Translated with (free version)

Changes to the Terms of Use

MYPASS may change these Terms of Use at any time, including, but not limited to, to comply with new legislation, or to adapt them to different services and functionalities, arising from technical or management requirements.
All changes to the Terms of Use will be brought to the attention of users who have registered while the previous Terms of Use were in force; users will be required to accept the modified Terms of Use; if they do not accept the modified Terms of Use, they will not be able to access the website or to use the services offered by the website.

Relationship between you and MYPASS

Any communication regarding the relationship between you and MYPASS Srl should be sent to:
[email protected]
These Terms of Use are binding on you from the moment you join the Service.

Partial loss of validity

If any provision of these Terms of Use is or becomes invalid or unenforceable pursuant to applicable law or court order, the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

Processing of Personal Data (Privacy) and Cookie Policy

With regard to the processing of personal data submitted by the User, and the cookie policy implemented by MYPASS, please refer to the respective documents:

  1. “Privacy Policy”;
  2. “Cookie Policy”,

which are available on MYPASS website and which are expressly dedicated to these topics.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are subject to Italian law.
The Court of Turin shall have exclusive jurisdiction for any dispute.

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