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The evolution of the online ski pass

You like skiing, right?

The wonder of the mountains, the trees, the fresh air. However, we know that the adventure is not THAT easy.

The long lines, the crowds, the chaos of the ticket office with all the equipment. Tiresome…

Smart skiers are always looking for ways to get the most out of their ski pass. In recent years, more and more resorts have started offering online ski passes, a slight improvement over the traditional one. We finally have better news for you!

What if we told you that there is a way to enjoy your days in the snow without problems or wasting time?

Thanks to technology and years of experience with skiers and resorts, we have found the way to make you spend more time on the slopes by eliminating the thought of when, how much and how to ski.

For almost 5 years MyPass Ski has been working to create the perfect solution for skiers who want to save time and money while having maximum flexibility. Thanks to our patented PPU “Pay per Use” system, skiers no longer have to queue at the ticket office, they will go directly to the slopes to ski as much as they want, eliminating the stress of deciding in advance which type of ski pass to buy.

Single, hourly, daily and multi-day rates are calculated at the end of the day. Thanks to a debit algorithm, you pay the cheapest rate applied by the resort.

7 questions from skiers to MyPass

1. How can I avoid paying in advance and giving myself a headache if I try to ask for a refund?

Forget the headache! With MyPass Ski you don’t have to worry about paying for the time you haven’t skied. The mountain is unpredictable. There are people who bought weekly passes but then partially used them while standing in front of the ticket office, to search to get some of their money back, or because of children getting tired after a few rides. Get the only ski pass that gives you the freedom to change your plans whenever you want without the risk of overpaying.

2. I usually go to the same area, but I also like to discover new places. Is MyPass flexible?

With MyPass you can ski whenever and wherever you want. Our partner network includes some of the most incredible ski areas in Italy, so you can continue to go to your favorite resort or venture to another area without worrying about having to buy a different ski pass every time you change locations.

3. What happens if I go skiing with my family?

There is nothing better than sharing the fun in the mountains with loved ones and that is why we have created an easy way to manage the whole family. Each account can have up to 5 skiers and each skier receives their own card, so you will all be free to ski as you want to; each individual skier will pay depending on how much he has skied. Discounts for children, juniors and seniors are automatically recognized with our service! Just add a photo of the skier in the MyPass app and the discounted rates are valid immediately.

4. Ok, but how do I keep track of all this?

You can manage all your expenses directly in the MyPass Ski app, divided by individual skier so you can quickly know how much you are spending.

5. Sounds great, but is the registration process complicated?

It takes 5 minutes to download the app, register and request the card to be collected for free from our partners. Once you get the card, it takes 1 minute to activate it, all you have to do is ski!

Last year we challenged the skiers who were waiting in line. We told them that if they couldn’t complete the whole process before they got to the ticket office, we would give them a free year of MyPass Ski. We have won the challenge!

6. I don’t want to be “tied” to the service. Is it easy to unsubscribe?

Just go to the APP and disable the automatic renewal and that’s it. No long-term commitments and obligations.

7. Am I worried about my credit card information. Is MyPass Safe?

MyPass uses a level of security aligned with the best banking standards guaranteed by the latest generation PSD2 standard. The credit card data is transferred directly through an encrypted channel to the Axerve gateway by using Banca Sella’s iFrame technology. The credit card number never passes through the MyPass systems.

The online ski pass has evolved and is called MyPass Ski. Flexible, affordable and made for skiers. 2020 will be a ski season like no other.

Get the only ski pass ready for the challenge.

, The evolution of the online ski pass

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