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Seasonal Skiarea Campiglio PPU – Your certainty for a season different from the others

MyPass the districts of the Campiglio ski area have worked together to bring skiers an unprecedented level of flexibility for season 2020-21.

2020 is a very difficult year, even for the mountain world. For this reason we are proud to be alongside the most innovative ski areas, which are particularly attentive to the needs of skiers.

In collaboration with the ski resorts, this year for the first time we offer our customers a seasonal ski pass solution with pay per use technology.

How does it work?

The Pay Per Use seasonal ski pass will keep track of skipass’ spending in the ski area Campiglio (Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida-Marilleva, Pinzolo and Pejo). This means that the amount spent on ski passes in the Campiglio Skiarea will be calculated and, once a certain threshold is exceeded, an unprecedented discount will be granted.

The thresholds by age category are:

  • Adults: € 550
  • Junior: € 275
  • Baby: € 275
  • Senior: € 440
  • Super senior: € 385

Until the specific threshold amount is reached, the prices of the online price lists will be used to calculate the amount of expenditure for each age category, which already have a discount compared to the cash lists.

Once the threshold is exceeded, an 80% discount will be given on all subsequent ski passes.

Where is the paid seasonal ski pass available?

In any of the locations of the Campiglio Skiarea. This includes:

  • Madonna di Campiglio
  • Folgarida-Marilleva
  • Pinzolo
  • Pejo

Who is eligible?

Anyone can use this formula. Whether you are an adult or a child, frequent or occasional skier you are eligible for this offer.

What do i have to do to register?

The offer is valid for all active MyPass Ski Card holders. If you are already an active MyPass Ski user then you are ready. If you are not a MyPass skier you can request the MyPass Ski card here!

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