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How does MyPass Ski charging work? How does it calculate how much time I have skied?

Based on the time spent on the slopes, the most advantageous rate among those agreed with the area is automatically detected and the corresponding amount is charged directly to your credit card, without any surcharge. The count of the elapsed time is calculated on the interval between the time of the first entry and that of the last access to the facilities in the day.

If you ski for several consecutive days, the difference in price will be charged every day to reach the corresponding multi-day rate. After the first day used, the difference will be applied for consecutive days to reach the corresponding multi-day rate. In the event that you ski less than 4 hours, the corresponding hourly rate will be applied, only in the case in which the latter is cheaper than the difference of the multi-day pass.

EXAMPLE: The best available rate among those that MyPass Ski has in agreement is applied every day. The “1 day” rate is automatically applied if more than 4 hours have elapsed in the time interval between the first and last passage at the ski lift turnstile. If more than 4 hours are skied on the second day, the difference in rate between the daily skipass and the multi-day pass will be charged. In other words, MyPass, rather than charging the second full day rate, only the difference it takes to get to the 2 day rate will be charged.

Hourly tickets are generated according to the time skied during the day (last access – first access to the ski lifts), they interrupt the count of consecutive ski days. It is NOT possible to add multiple hourly skipasses on the same day.

It is necessary to upload a photo for adults who want to enjoy 9 to 14 consecutive days, in the ski areas, Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida Marilleva, and Pinzolo.

MyPass is able to manage single trips on some specific lifts of the resorts. Single journeys are valid for one single way or return or round trip on the same lift on the same day. To check which lifts are managed as single runs in the various resorts, just select the desired location from the list on the MyPass Ski website.

Is a day of skiing with MyPass card the same price as a day of skiing with a ticket purchased on the slopes?

The MyPass Ski service does not in any way increase the cost of the ski pass, in some areas it has stipulated agreements and discounts.
The cost of the ski pass is charged to the credit card associated with the MyPass card based on the time actually skied, based on the current rates made available to MyPass Ski by the ski resort.

To check all the prices applied with MyPass Ski and any promotions and discounts, just select the desired location from those in the list on the MyPass Ski website.

Do I always have to buy the ticket at the ticket office?

No. With your active MyPass card you can show up in front of all the turnstiles of the partner ski resorts and be the first on the slopes without having to queue at the ticket office.

Does the MyPass Ski service include the Senior, Junior and Child reduced rates and other special reductions?

The application of special rates in ski resorts based on age depends on the agreements with each individual area. To check for reduced rates with the MyPass Ski service, just access the page dedicated to each individual area on our MyPass Ski website or on the app.

To take advantage of the reduced rates, you must have provided all the necessary documentation to be able to certify the age: provide an identity document of the minor or senior, a photo, and authorize the minor data processing.

Reductions for residents, people with disabilities, law enforcement agencies, FISI members, organized groups, university students and anything else not specifically included in the rates on our site are not available.