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Starpass: Seasonal PPU

If you have any questions about Starpass, our seasonal Pay Per Use, take a look below!

Starpass: Seasonal Pay Per Use, how does it work?

The seasonal Starpass will keep track of the amount of money you spend on ski days spent in the Campiglio ski areas (Madonna di Campiglio, Folgarida-Marilleva, Pinzolo and Pejo). Once the first StarPass season pass threshold is reached, an 80% discount will be applied, while once the second threshold is reached you will ski for FREE.

What are the Skiarea fees? And how does MyPass deal with payments?

For all information about Campiglio SkiArea, click here

The thresholds by age category are:

1º tetto max di spesa
(oltre il quale pagherà con sconto 80%)
1st max. expenditure ceiling
(beyond which it will pay with 80% discount)
2º tetto max di spesa
(oltre il quale non si pagherà nulla)
2nd expenditure ceiling
(above which nothing will be paid)
Adulto/Adult740,00 €870,00 €
Senior (nato prima del 30.04.1958)
Senior (born before 30.04.1958)
590,00 €695,00 €
Under 24 (nato dopo il 30.04.1999)
Under 24 (born after 30.04.1999)
590,00 €695,00 €
SuperSenior (nato prima del 30.04.1948)
SuperSenior (born before 30.04.1948)
520,00 €610,00 €
Junior (nato dopo il 30.04.2007)
Junior (born after 30.04.2007)
370,00 €435,00 €
Bambino (nato dopo il 30.04.2015)
Baby (born after 30.04.2015)
220,00 €260,00 €
Bambino accompagnato* (nato dopo il 30.04.2015)
Accompanied child* (born after 30.04.2015)
Gratuito / FreeGratuito / Free

Until the specific threshold amount is reached, the best possible rate in relation to the price list of the ski resort in question will always be applied to calculate the amount spent in each age category, also taking into account the exclusive discounts dedicated to MyPass Ski skiers.

Where is Starpass available?

In any of the locations of the Campiglio ski area. This includes:

  • Madonna di Campiglio
  • Folgarida-Marilleva
  • Pinzolo
  • Pejo

Who is eligible?

  • All MyPass users are automatically entitled to use the offer without having to explicitly subscribe in any way.
  • Anyone can take advantage of this opportunity. Whether you are an adult or a child, frequent or occasional skier you are eligible for this offer.

What should I do to register?

The offer is valid for all active MyPass Ski Card holders. Rules for reaching the PPU threshold:

  • In the case of Adult users for whom the upload of the photo is optional, the obligation that the photo has been uploaded will be required to ensure the non-transferability of the card in order to take advantage of the discounted rate.
  • All ski passes used in the winter season in the ski areas participating in the specific PPU season – including single rides – contribute to increasing the total expense of each skier.
  • Any skipass “straddling” the spending thresholds will be charged at full price, for example if the total expense amounts to € 590 and a ski pass for € 45 must be charged, the user will have spent € 635 at full rate and the discount will be applied only from the next ski pass.
  • If the skier thinks he can benefit from other special discounts relating to the seasonal ski pass, he should contact the relevant ticket office to inquire about the existence of discounts regarding special spending thresholds.