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Payments - Welfare

On this page you will see how to manage payment methods and how integration to the BitQ platform works.

Enter your payment method

You can enter the payment method by logging into your MyPass account from the app or website, and clicking on User Area > Payment Methods > Enter a payment method.

Change the payment method

You can change your payment method at any time by logging in from the app or site to your User Area > Payment Methods and clicking on the little pencil symbol next to the credit card information already associated.

Delete payment method

You can delete the payment method at any time by logging in from the app or site, to your User Area > Payment Methods and by scrolling to the left, the small trash can symbol appears that can be used for data deletion.

Accepted payment methods

Credit, debit and prepaid cards active on the Visa or Mastercard circuit are accepted. In some rare cases, the payment card association may not be authorized, and it is therefore necessary to contact the card provider specifically asking them to authorize the failed transactions to MyPass.

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See all Payments

You can check all the charges for skiing days by accessing your User Area from the app or from the website, using the “Payments” button.

Linking multiple accounts to the same payment card

Each MyPass user can activate at most one account with the same email. However, it is possible to link the same credit card to two different MyPass accounts.
It is also possible to link multiple skiers (card holders) on the same account: each card is personal and non-transferable, in the name of the person who will use it (first name, last name and date of birth).

Can't complete a payment?
payments, Payments

Can’t complete a payment? Open the app, visit the “Pending Payments” section, then hit “Retry Payment.”

If you are experiencing difficulties and are sure of the availability and validity of your card, press on the “Alternative Payment” option.
If problems persist, please contact our customer service department

Is it possible to request an invoice for payments made?

Invoices can be requested for payments related to the cost of the MyPass Ski service (service activation/renewal, replacement card and additional card) by sending an email to [email protected]

MyPass Ski cannot provide invoices related to ski day payments; if needed, we recommend contacting the ski area in question.


The MyPass Ski service is available on several corporate Welfare platforms.
If you are partnered with a Welfare platform, check out the possibility of using your credits to redeem the MyPass Ski service.

Welfare - BitQ: what is it?

BitQ is a multichannel ticketing platform specifically for B2B markets. It aims to serve the b2b world in the simple and effective creation, distribution, and management of tickets, coupons, and vouchers (i.e., digital securities).
For the past few years BitQ has partnered with MyPass, whereby holders of a BitQ wallet (welfare) can use it in the MyPass Ski app, in addition to or as an alternative to a Credit Card.

How do I upload my BitQ credit to MyPass?

You don’t have to do anything. BitQ credit is automatically recognized during registration, and can be viewed in the MyPass Ski app in the “Payment Methods” section.

Can I use Welfare credit to pay for daily insurance?

No, you cannot pay for daily insurance via Welfare credit.
You must therefore associate a payment method with your account, if you do not know how to do this click here

Don’t know how to activate daily insurance? Click here to find out how.

Why doesn't the app recognize my BitQ/welfare credit?

The most common situation is that one has registered with an email at BitQ, and with a different email through MyPass (generally the company email is used for BitQ registration, and the personal email is used for MyPass registration). For this reason, automatic association during registration cannot be done.

In this case, it is necessary to call MyPass support, which will associate the BitQ account with the MyPass account and solve the problem.

How much is a BitQ ticket worth in euros?

A BitQ snow ticket is worth €6.

Why don't I have more welfare credit despite not having fully used it?

Let’s take an example, to clarify: the user has a remaining credit of 2 snow tickets (for a total of 6€ * 2 = 12€). The next ski trip results in a charge of 7€. The system will have to use both 2 snow tickets, because one alone would not be enough. Therefore, the remaining 5€ is considered as lost credit.

How many snow tickets do I need in order for the system to recognize the BitQ wallet as a valid payment method when registering a card, as an alternative to, for example, a Credit Card?

The availability of 10 snow tickets for each skier associated with the user is required.

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