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MyPass Ski reservation system

The reservation and quota system has been designed to avoid crowds and queues at the entrance of the first running lifts.
The specific safety provisions for the ski areas of the SKI AREA CAMPIGLIO, partner of MyPass Ski, will be explained in detail below.

The premise: each ski area has established its own quota system, so the rules and methods may vary depending on the ski area.

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to secure days on skis, there are some rules for booking access to the ski area directly through the MyPass Ski app:

  1. Open the Mypass Ski app Visit the “book your entry to the slopes” section
  2. Select the desired location
  3. Overview and choice of available dates
  4. Selection of active skiers to book (maximum 5)
  • It is possible to book ski passes from 2 to 6 consecutive days freely, provided there is availability
  • Access for SINGLE days can only be booked within the next 5 days. For example: if you want to book access for 15/02, you can book it starting from 10/2 and not before.
  • It will be possible to cancel the skipasses booked until 20:00 the day before. For example: if you have booked access for February 15th, you will have until 20:00 on February 14th to cancel your reservation.
  • There will be a deposit of € 5 which will be immediately used on the payment card associated with the user profile. This deposit authorization will be canceled and then returned if access to the ski facilities is registered on the day booked for the ski card, while it will instead be counted as a penalty in case of no-show.
  • Each skier can make a maximum of two separate bookings for each ski area, each for a maximum of 6 days.
  • Each reservation allows a maximum of 6 consecutive days.

Please Note: If the ski resort where the Mypass application is to be used for booking ski days, want / decide to adopt additional applications to manage access to the turnstiles by time, the information is the responsibility of the ski resort. Therefore, please always check the rules of the ski area where you will ski.