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Skipass Bormio: costs, rates and discounts with MyPass Ski

Skip the queue at the cash desk in Bormio with MyPass Ski and pay only for the actual skiing time.

Ask for your card and ski in all the best ski areas in the Alps.

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Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass
Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

How MyPass Ski works


Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.


Pick up your card at the ski resort


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

How MyPass Ski works

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass


Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass


Pick up your card directly at the resort.

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

Bormio Skipass Rates

Ski from a few hours up to 14 consecutive days, paying only for the actual time and enjoying the benefits offered by MyPass Ski.

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Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

Skipass by the hour

4 hours

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

Skipass consecutive days

Daily BormioSki and Bormio Skipass from 2 to 14 days

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

Single runs

Cableway Bormio – Bormio 2000, Cableway Bormio 2000 – Cima Bianca, Gormiti Park (Entrance fee: 6 euros for 4 hours or 10 euros for one day)

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass


Junior, Senior, Baby (it is mandatory to upload the photo from App or site to get the dedicated rates)

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

Children free

Free ski pass for 3 consecutive days or more if purchased together with a parent’s ski pass of the same duration (1:1 ratio). Free return ticket combined with a parent’s ticket.

Prices Bormio MyPass Winter 22/23

Season opening periods and times:
from Saturday 3 December 2022 to Monday 10 April 2023, from 9.00 to 16.30 (last race).


Baby: born in 2015 and subsequent years.
Junior: children born from 01/01/2007 to 31/12/2014.
Senior: born in 1958 and earlier

Children born in 2016 and later, if they do not ski and if they are accompanied by an adult in possession of a regular ski pass, do not pay the ticket on the cable car.

Valid period from 3 to 23 December

4 ore/hours26,00€26,00€25,00€17,00€
1 giorno/day29,00€29,00€27,00€17,00€
2 giorni/days58,00€58,00€53,00€26,00€
3 giorni/days86,00€86,00€72,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
4 giorni/days116,00€112,00€86,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
5 giorni/days145,00€124,00€95,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
6 giorni/days170,00€130,00€99,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
7 giorni/days182,00€145,00€105,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
8 giorni/days194,00€154,00€113,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
9 giorni/days206,00€166,00€119,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
10 giorni/days220,00€177,00€127,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
11 giorni/days231,00€186,00€134,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
12 giorni/days243,00€198,00€141,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
13 giorni/days256,00€208,00€150,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
14 giorni/days266,00€218,00€157,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto

Valid period from 7 to 27 January and from 18 March to 10 April

4 ore/hours42,00€41,00€32,00€22,00€
1 giorno/day46,00€45,00€37,00€22,00€
2 giorni/days90,00€84,00€66,00€33,00€
3 giorni/days131,00€122,00€92,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
4 giorni/days162,00€149,00€110,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
5 giorni/days190,00€167,00€122,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
6 giorni/days214,00€175,00€131,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
7 giorni/days230,00€194,00€140,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
8 giorni/days246,00€207,00€151,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
9 giorni/days262,00€224,00€161,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
10 giorni/days278,00€236,00€170,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
11 giorni/days294,00€250,00€180,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
12 giorni/days310,00€260,00€190,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
13 giorni/days324,00€274,00€200,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
14 giorni/days341,00€289,00€209,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto

Valid period from December 24th to January 6th and from January 28th to March 17th

4 ore/hours46,00€43,00€33,00€24,00€
1 giorno/day52,00€48,00€39,00€24,00€
2 giorni/days100,00€90,00€70,00€39,00€
3 giorni/days149,00€131,00€99,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
4 giorni/days191,00€166,00€122,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
5 giorni/days232,00€196,00€141,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
6 giorni/days265,00€206,00€152,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
7 giorni/days289,00€233,00€163,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
8 giorni/days311,00€249,00€173,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
9 giorni/days333,00€265,00€185,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
10 giorni/days352,00€280,00€196,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
11 giorni/days370,00€298,00€206,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
12 giorni/days389,00€314,00€217,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
13 giorni/days407,00€331,00€228,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto
14 giorni/days425,00€344,00€239,00€Gratis con Skipass Adulto

How to receive your card?

The MyPass Card is sent to you via Amazon couriers: from two to three working days, barring unforeseen events. Or you can pick it up for free at counter number 6 of the Bormio Skipass cash desk, with preferential lane, at the following address:

Please note – Cards are not linked to skier until they are activated by associating them with your profile.

Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

Skiarea and Skipass Bormio

The Bormio area and its cable cars

Valtellina is considered the kingdom of skiing, where snow and fun are combined in the fabulous landscapes of the highest mountains in Lombardy. Bormio is certainly the most important location, immersed in the panorama of the Stelvio National Park, which has 16 lifts with 20 slopes for a total of 50 km of tracks that wind from the village level (1225 m) up to the 3012 m altitude of Cima Bianca.

The area offers slopes for all levels and tastes, such as the famous Stelvio slope, important for the Alpine Ski World Cup with the now traditional downhill at the end of December. In recent years Bormio has equipped itself with modern infrastructures at the service of guests, technologically adapting ski facilities and slopes also for the practice of emerging sports activities. The Bormio ski area satisfies both the less experienced skiers with medium difficulty slopes and the more demanding ones with technical tracks and equipped for competitive skiing, also reserving learning areas for beginners.

The slopes are always well prepared thanks to the modern artificial snow system, which guarantees snow on almost 90% of the tracks and makes the context an ideal place for those who like to get to the top of the mountain and descend without problems on long slopes up to at 14 km. Do you want to stop for lunch in a classic mountain chalet during your skiing? No problem! Chalet dei Rododendri and Chalet La Rocca offer typical dishes of the Valtellina traction and exclusively for MyPass customers a 10% discount by paying with the Skicard. You no longer have to think about cash or where to put your credit card. You can pay comfortably with your Skicard!

Bormio also offers the possibility to ski at night from 8 pm to 11 pm on the Stelvio slope, giving the possibility to ski under the stars and with an extraordinary view of Bormio by night. Finally, Bormio is also a paradise for snowboarders and freeskiers, such as the Funslope”, a new ski area with obstacles, bridges, tunnels, parabolics and changes of direction.

Snowboard and Snowparks - Bormio

The Snowpark Bormio offers all freeskiers and snowboarders tricks and jumps not to be missed and in addition to exciting jibs, also a kicker area for a good dose of airtime!

The Homebase for medium and advanced riders is located in the Rocca Est area, at 2,225 meters above sea level. At the top there are: a rainbow butter box a picknick table per slide creative bonks In the down rail you can test your rail skills. A paradise for jib lovers!

Those who prefer airtime, consisting of two medium kickers with a table length of 6-8 meters, absolutely must go to the second area!

The 2019/20 freestyle season in Bormio Ski has begun!

The 2026 Olympics - Bormio - Stelvio slope

The famous Stelvio slope will be the protagonist of men’s alpine skiing by hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics!

The scenario of the men’s alpine skiing competitions will be the legendary Stelvio slope, recognized as one of the most beautiful and difficult in the world, which has already proved to be able to host important events in 1985 and 2005 on the occasion of the two World Championships organized in Magnificent Land.

A track that already every year in the Christmas holidays, hosts the downhill and the Super-G of the World Cup. The start is at an altitude of 2,255 m, above La Rocca. The route is spread over about 3,250 meters with a vertical drop of 1,010 m. The start is immediately steep (slope 63%!) And here it becomes essential to know how to gain speed in order not to lose precious milliseconds. The first bends are immediately challenging and lead to the La Rocca jump, where the pine, stone pine and fir forest begins. From here you enter the Sertorelli gully, a diagonal of 300 meters where the acceleration is remarkable.

This is followed by a 200-meter path, the Long Fountain, and the treacherous curves of the Ermellini up to the most challenging and spectacular diagonal of the entire track, the Carcentina, which has proved decisive in many editions of the World Cup. At the end of the diagonal you reach the Ciuk meadows (1,638 m), a plateau of about 100 meters. From here you reach the wall of San Pietro with a long jump, reaching the maximum speed levels; here there is the greatest slope of the entire route, the 60%. The Piana di San Pietro takes us to the final wall which begins with a great slope that does not soften for at least 200 meters. Here you travel at more than 100 per hour until the last spectacular jump before the finish in Bormio village(1,245 m).

The history of Bormio

The first ski lifts in Bormio developed in the 1950s, from the altitude of the town (1,225 m) to Ciuk (1,650 m). In 1966 the Brianza-based industrialist Walter Fontana identified the Vallecetta area from an altitude of 2000 to 3000 meters as the suitable skiable area for the future of Bormio. Thus was born S.I.B. (Bormio Lift Company).

The first important intervention is the construction of the current road that connects Bormio to Bormio 2000. In 1968 the first plant was built: the Bormio 2000 – Cima Bianca cable car, which was followed by other minor lifts. In 1970 the second cable car, Bormio-Bormio 2000 and the hotel and restaurant complex Girasole” also came into operation. Bormio establishes itself as one of the most famous winter resorts in the Alps.

In 1984 SIB built the Bormio-Ciuk cable car, essential for the first World Championships in 1985, during which the public body built the first snow-making system. Later, the company buys the snow-making system from the public body, renovates several systems and takes great care of the development of the slopes. In 2001, three local entrepreneurs acquired the share package from the Fontana family and on the occasion of the second 2005 SIB World Championships, the plant structure was radically renewed with the construction of 3 four-seater chairlifts with automatic coupling and the replacement of the Bormio – Bormio 2000 cable car with a cable car with 8-seater cars with a capacity of 2800 people / hour.

In addition, the snow-making system is upgraded, the slope park is expanded and improved and the snow park is created. In 2011 the new Bormio Ski brand comes out, which cannot be missed on social networks where it establishes a strong relationship with its customers. In 2013, the Bormio 2000 – Cima Bianca cable car was also subjected to a radical modernization and renamed “Whitelady3000 ″. In the summer of 2014, the company officially launched its bike park, called Bormio Bike Park, with cross country, freeride and downhill trails and a qualified mountain bike rental service. In the winter of 2018/2019 Bormio Ski promotes a new concept: that of the ski area transformed into an amusement park on the snow. The ski area focuses heavily on services dedicated to families by offering routes on the snow – called funslope – designed for the fun of everyone.

Exclusively for MyPass customers

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Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

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Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

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Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass Bormio skipass, Bormio skipass

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