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STARPASS is here

The first seasonal Pay Per Use!

Pinzolo is part of the Campiglio Ski Area, therefore your skiing days spent in this area will be counted towards reaching the STARPASS seasonal thresholds!

N.B. MyPass Ski cards (even those purchased in previous years) are compatible with Starpass and vice versa.

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 Dear Customers,
we hereby inform that the mountain weather forecast has foreseen strong winds on Tuesday February 01, 2022 and on Wednesday February 02, 2022.
In regard, please be informed that due to safety measures, some lifts may function slower than usual or be closed.
Funivie Pinzolo communicates that the cable car Pinzolo- Campiglio Express will be closed on Tuesday February 01, 2022.
Regarding Folgarida Marilleva Skiarea, it may be necessary the closure of the top lifts: Malghette Chairlift, Vigo Chairlift and Orso Bruno Chairlift and, as a consequence, also the connection between Folgarida, Marilleva and Madonna di Campiglio. 

For all updates on lifts and trails please check our website 

Pinzolo ski pass

MyPass Ski: the ski pass you pay later.

With MyPass Ski you can ski wherever and whenever you want, paying only the actual skiing time. Receive your MyPass Ski card with just € 10: you will be charged the cheapest price applied by the Pinzolo ski area.

Sign up now!
MyPass Ski card a soli 10 euro
MyPass Ski card a soli 10 euro

Partner with Madonna di Campiglio

Ski safely with your Green Pass
Combine your Green Pass with the MyPass Ski/Starpass card to ski in total safety!

From 24 December 2021, the online Green Pass certification service will be available with your MyPass Ski / Starpass cardOnline pairing will allow you to go directly to the slopes without having to go to the GreenPass checkpoints on site.

  1. Make sure your MyPass Ski App is up to date
  2. Access the function "Combine Green Pass" in the menu (if you do not find the function log out with the option exit and re-enter with the Login)
  3. Select the reference ski area;
  4. Enter the number of the MyPass Ski / Starpass card on the back of the card;
  5. Scan the QR Code or upload the image of your valid Green Pass.

Every day, before entering the ski area, you will need to combine your Green Pass with the Card via the MyPass Ski app, in order to gain direct access to the slopes.

IMPORTANT: In the event of problems, the ski pass offices in the ski resorts are available to assist customers in matching their Green Pass.


MyPass Ski app e card
How MyPass Ski Works

Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.


Pick up the card at the Pinzolo Ski Area


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

How MyPass Ski Works


Download the official MyPass Ski App or register online, entering the required data.


Pick up the card at the Pinzolo Ski Area


Activate the service with the code found on your MyPass Card.


Put on your skis, go to the turnstile and… have fun!

MyPass Ski app e card

Skipass rates in Pinzolo

You can ski freely for just 1 hour with MyPass, or up to 14 days in a row. Maximum flexibility, even for Baby and Junior!

Sign up for MyPass now
Ski Ticket Logo

The Skipass you pay by the hour

1 to 4 hours

Ski Ticket Logo

Skipass Pinzolo and Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta

From 1 to 14 days (adults from 9 to 14 days – personal photo upload required)

Ski Ticket Logo

Return tickets - pedestrians

Telecabina Pinzolo – Prà Rodont, Telecabina Tulot – Malga Cioca, Telecabina + Seggiovia Pinzolo – Doss del Sabion

Ski Ticket Logo


Baby, Junior (it is mandatory to upload a photo to get the dedicated rates)

Ski Ticket Logo

Children up to 8 years: free (born after 30.11.2013)

The child (born after 30.11.2013) registered together with the adult will receive a free fare of the same type and duration as that paid at the same time by the accompanying person paying the adult fare as per the price list reserved for MYPASS customers (1:1 ratio = 1 adult and 1 child).

Ski pass prices Pinzolo MyPass 2021-2022

The cash desk list prices apply with a discount ranging from 8% to 3% depending on the season, as shown in the table below.

Low season: opening – 23 December 2021 | 10 January – 21 January 2022 | 14 March 2022 – end of season
High season: 22 January – 13 March 2022
Christmas – New Year: 24 December 2021 – 09 January 2022

Child*: born after 30.11.2013
Junior*: born after 30.11.2005
Under24: born after 30.11.1997 Same rates as Adult but different spending limits**
Senior*: born after 30.11.1956Same rates as Adult but different spending limits**
SuperSenior*: born before 30.11.1946 Same rates as Junior but different spending limits**

*Only on presentation of a valid identification document (e.g. C.I., passport) of the CHILD, JUNIOR, SENIOR and SUPERSENIOR.
**To view the spending limits see Starpass Skiarea Madonna di Campiglio.

On ski passes of 2 to 6 days containing ONE SUNDAY ROLE, the following will be added to the purchase price of the ski pass
Pinzolo: € 8,00 adult rate, € 6,00 junior rate and € 4,00 child rate.

Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta:
€ 10,00 adult rate, € 7,00 junior rate and € 5,00 child rate.

Low Season
Hight Season
Christmas & New Year
1 giorno/day € 48,00€ 33,00€24,00€ 48,00€ 33,00€ 24,00€ 50,00€ 35,00€ 25,00
2 giorni/days € 79,00€ 55,00€ 40,00€ 83,00€ 58,00€ 41,00€ 87,00 € 61,00€ 44,00
3 giorni/days € 118,00€ 83,00€ 59,00€ 128,00€ 89,00€ 64,00€ 135,00€ 94,00€ 68,00
4 giorni/days € 152 ,00€ 107,00€ 76,00€ 162,00€ 113,00€ 81,00€ 171,00€ 119,00€ 85,00
5 giorni/days € 182,00€ 128,00€ 91,00€ 201,00€ 141,00€ 100,00€ 211,00€ 148,00€ 106,00
6 giorni/days € 207,00€ 145,00€ 104,00€ 228,00€ 160,00€ 114,00€ 241,00€ 169,00€ 120,00
7 giorni/days € 235,00€ 165,00€ 118,00€ 258,00€ 180,00€ 129,00€ 272,00€ 190,00€ 136,00
8 giorni/days € 256,00€ 179,00€ 128,00€ 281,00€ 197,00€ 141,00€ 296,00€ 208,00€ 148,00
9 giorni/days € 277,00€ 194,00€ 139,00€ 304,00€ 213,00€ 153,00€ 320,00€ 225,00€ 161,00
10 giorni/days € 298,00€ 209,00€ 150,00€ 327,00€ 230,00€ 165,00€ 344,00€ 243,00€ 174,00
11 giorni/days€ 319,00 € 224,00€ 161,00€ 350,00€ 247,00€ 177,00€ 369,00€ 260,00€ 186,00
12 giorni/days€ 340,00€ 238,00€ 172,00€ 373,00€ 263,00€ 189,00€ 393,00€ 277,00€ 199,00
13 giorni/days€ 362,00 € 253,00€ 183,00€ 396,00€ 280,00€ 201,00€ 417,00€ 295,00€ 211,00
14 giorni/days € 383,00€ 268,00€ 194,00€ 419,00€ 296,00€ 213,00€ 441,00€ 312,00€ 224,00

*Is mandatory to upload the photo and the document to have the dedicated rates.

Single fare:

Low season: 24,00€
High season: 24,00€
Christmas-New Year: 25,00€

Valid for 1 round trip Pinzolo gondola and daily use of the treadmills

Low Season
Hight Season
Christmas & New Year
Adulto/Adult Junior/SuperSeniorBambino Adulto/Adult Junior/SuperSeniorBambino Adulto/Adult Junior/SuperSeniorBambino
1 ora/hour€ 19,00€ 14,00€ 10,00€ 19,00€ 14,00€ 10,00€ 20,00€ 15,00€ 11,00
2 ore/hours€ 29,00€ 20,00€ 15,00€ 29,00€ 20,00€ 15,00€ 30,00€ 21,00€ 16,00
3 ore/hours€ 36,00€ 25,00€ 18,00€ 36,00€ 25,00€ 18,00€ 38,00€ 26,00€ 19,00
4 ore/hours€ 40,00€ 29,00€ 20,00€ 40,00€ 29,00€ 20,00€ 43,00€ 30,00€ 21,00

The Prà Rodont – Pinzolo gondola and the Tulot – Malga Cioca gondola may be used even after hours. Accompanied children are not allowed.

Telecabina Pinzolo – Prà RodontAndata o Ritorno / One-way or Return ticket
Andata + Ritorno / Round-trip
€ 11,00
€ 7,00
€ 8,50
€ 5,50
Telecabina Tulot – Malga CiocaAndata o Ritorno / One-way or Return ticket
Andata + Ritorno / Round-trip
€ 11,00
€ 7,00
€ 8,50
€ 5,50
Telecabina + Seggiovia Pinzolo – Doss del SabionAndata o Ritorno / One-way or Return ticket
Andata + Ritorno / Round-trip
€ 15,00
€ 11,00
€ 11,50
€ 8,50


    • If skiing is interrupted for an entire day, any multi-day ticket used will be cancelled and the continuity of consecutive days will be interrupted. If you continue skiing on the days following the interruption, you will start from the first day, where convenient with respect to hourly rates.
    • Skipass a Ore, daily and multi-day local skipasses valid on Pinzolo lifts and Skiarea Brenta daily and multi-day skipasses valid on the lifts of Skiarea Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta Val di Sole Val Rendena. The Skiarea Brenta ski passes are automatically applied if the skier leaves the Pinzolo ski area (with the connecting cable car to Campiglio) and enters the other connected resorts “on skis”: Madonna di Campiglio and Folgarida-Marilleva.
    • There are no time slot tickets for Skiarea Brenta tickets.
    • To use the multi-day Skiarea Brenta tickets, the first access in consecutive days in the Skiarea can also be made from a different location from the one where the first access was made on the first day of skiing and the type of ticket must be the same.
    • The following fares apply for single trips:
      • Pinzolo – Prà Rodont cable car:
      • Chairlift Prà Rodont – Doss del Sabion:
      • Pinzolo – Prà Rodont cable car + Prà Rodont – Doss del Sabion chairlift:
      • Tulot cable car – Malga Cioca

Single rides are valid for a single outward or return trip or round trip on the same lift on the same day, and are NOT cumulative with timetable tickets.

  • Only holders of special MYPASS cards JUNIOR (born after 30/11/2005) and BABY (born after 30/11/2013) can benefit from discounted fares.
  • It is necessary to upload a photo of the child and document the date of birth with a copy of the child’s identity card and the data protection consent form.
  • A photo must also be uploaded for adults who wish to use the card for 9 to 14 consecutive days.
  • FREE CHILDREN: Children accompanied by an adult paying a daily or multi-day rate ski for free;
    The “1 day” rate is automatically applied if more than 4 hours have elapsed between the first and last pass at the lift turnstile.
  • After the first day used, the difference will be applied for consecutive days to reach the corresponding multi-day rate or, if you ski for less than 4 hours, the corresponding hourly rate will be applied, if the latter is cheaper than the difference of the multi-day rate. (e.g. the best available MYPASS rate is applied each day. So if you ski 4 hours you will be charged the 4 hour rate, if you ski 6 hours you will be charged the daily rate. In the latter case, if you decide to ski a full day the next day and MYPASS has a “2 day” rate, rather than charging the second full day rate, you will only be charged the difference to the 2 day rate).
  • Hourly passes are generated according to the time skied in the day (last access – first access to the lift), you CANNOT add up several hourly passes in the same day, in which case a day pass is calculated.
  • The time spent returning from the Prà Rodont-Pinzolo gondola and Tulot-M. Cioca gondola lifts is not counted. Cioca.

To receive the MyPass Card

Pick it up directly in the ski area.

Please note – Cards are not linked to skier until they are activated by associating them with your profile.

MyPass Ski card


Pinzolo: information on the area

Pinzolo, at the foot of Monte Doss del Sabion, is the natural gateway to the Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta ski area, the ideal place to have fun in the snow. Doss del Sabion is considered one of the most spectacular viewpoints in Europe. With the cable car that takes you to an altitude of 2190 meters, you arrive at the most evocative point that offers an incomparable, all-round spectacle on the Brenta Dolomites, so majestically close, on Adamello and Presanella.
From the same point, the “queen” slope of the Skiarea starts: the DoloMitica Tour (or the variant DoloMitica Star, shorter but more “hanging”). The DoloMitica has an altitude difference of over 1,200 meters and a length that varies from 3.5 km to 5.8 km, with an average gradient between 22% and 36%. It is a sort of challenge to face with rhythm and continuity the infinite changes in slope, curves and counter-curves carved into the woods that lead to the valley floor (800 m) for the ascent with the fast Tulot cable car and a well-deserved stop at the nearby Malga Cioca!
Without a doubt, the Pinzolo slopes are unique, well maintained and served by modern lifts. The network of slopes and lifts offers the opportunity for stimulating ski days, with tracks suitable for every need: from school pitches to black” ones. There is certainly no shortage of playground for young snowboarders: at Busa di Grual a large snow park with various “jumps”, halfpipes and a boardercross track.

The Pinzolo ski area is directly connected to the Madonna di Campiglio slopes thanks to the Pinzolo-Campiglio Express, a modern 8-seater cable car with two intermediate stops.

Furthermore, with the MyPass service, an innovative intelligent and flexible Skipass, it will allow you to ski throughout the Skiarea up to Folgarida – Marilleva, without having to decide in advance which Skipass to buy. The service will allow you to change ski area without having to stop at the ticket offices and fully enjoy the day on skis.

Exclusively for MyPass customers

Skiing in Pinzolo with us pays off!

Be safe in one click!
For Italian “codice fiscale” holders immediate activation of Helvetia Easy MyPass Insurance from the MyPass App.

Helvetia - La tua assicurazione svizzera

One card, 1,000 km of slopes!
MyPass is the most widespread system in the Italian Alps.
One card, many affiliated ski areas.

Get MyPass Ski

In 5 minutes you can register for MyPass Ski, from the app or the website. Pick up your card directly in the ski area.

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